A Birthday Gift for Fred Astaire

On May 10, 1899, in the town of Omaha, Nebraska, the trailblazing talent named Fred Astaire was born. He brought beauty and artistry to the lives of millions who escaped the world, if only for a moment, by slipping inside a darkened cinema to be transported to his world of seemingly effortless dynamic movement.  … Read More

Our Favorite Dancing Mom Videos

A lot of people will credit their parents for nurturing their love for dancing. For some children, it’s a natural part of growing up. If your house was always full of music and movement during your childhood, chances are your own home is now chez cha-cha!   As we gather to celebrate the moms out… Read More

Iconic Dance Styles in Celebration of International Dance Day

At times it can seem as though we have very little in common — that we are separated by so many things. That’s one of the reasons International Dance Day was created.   We may have different views, languages and religions, but we all have dance. International Dance Day is a celebration of dance, a… Read More

The Swing of Things: Easter Edition

From bunnies to bonnets, traditions associated with Easter abound. However your family celebrates, we here at Fred Astaire Dance Studio are certain of one thing: We need some “Dancing With the Stars” news! We’ve got it for you and MORE as we get into the swing of things!   WEDDING BELLS RING FOR VAL AND… Read More