The Swing of Things: Easter Edition

From bunnies to bonnets, traditions associated with Easter abound. However your family celebrates, we here at Fred Astaire Dance Studios are certain of one thing: We need some “Dancing With the Stars” news! We’ve got it for you and MORE as we get into the swing of things!   WEDDING BELLS RING FOR VAL AND… Read More

The Swing of Things: Swinging Into Spring

The skies are impossibly blue, the trees are leafing green, and the breezes smell of freshness and flowers. It’s the sights, sounds and smells of spring! We’re just going to ignore the pollen because we love to focus on the positive here at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, and we don’t need that kind of negativity… Read More

Baseball and Ballroom: Two Great American Pastimes

Many people don’t realize just how many similarities there are between ballroom dancing and… baseball. Yes, we said baseball! Consider this: they both require a degree of grace, fast feet, and to win you have to hit it out of the park sometimes!   And that’s not all. You won’t just see hot dogs, homers,… Read More