The Swing of Things: Out With the Old and In With the New

The Swing of Things: Out with the Old in with the New

It’s The Swing of Things 2018!


By now, we’ve long since embraced 2018. With it came talk about new goals and plans. We thought about ways in which we might improve ourselves, our careers, our families or the world at large. Of course, as we all know, none of these dreams for the future will come to pass without thinking about how you will achieve them. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we believe that dance can help people reach countless resolutions this year!


Resolution one: get healthier

Dance Workout for Kids

Whether you prefer ballroom moves, classical ballet or raucous party jams, dancing is an excellent way to stay in shape. In fact, Maricopa County even embraced dance as a way to keep kids moving. So, if you’re tired of hitting the gym or running in the cold, maybe 2018 is your year to incorporate dance as part of your workout routine.


Resolution two: take time to appreciate the little things

School Time Showdown

Police in New London, Connecticut, are using dance to build relationships with students. Officer Alex Dyer and co-workers decided to drop off some pizzas to the kids at Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School who were rehearsing for a talent show. That’s when second-grader Amir Thomas challenged Officer Dyer to the dance off. What did Officer Dyer do? Took time out to accept the challenge!


Resolution three: make a difference

Dance Documentary Series Binge-Worthy With Viewers

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Netflix binge every now and then? According to Forbes magazine, one of the most anticipated shows on Netflix for 2018 is a documentary series called “We Speak Dance.” The series is about how dance can be used as an international language to connect people across cultures.


Resolution four: try new things

Too Old to Dance? Says Who?

Never believe you’re too old to dance – or to try anything for that matter! CBS News introduced us to 99-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch who continues to teach yoga and compete in ballroom dance competitions. Let her be an inspiration to us all for the year ahead.


Resolution five: spend more time with family

Mother and Son Routine

This mother and son joined together to delight students at Myers Park High School during their recent talent show. Listen to students cheer as they throw themselves wholeheartedly into dancing with one another during the show.


There are many ways in which dancing can enrich your life and support your personal goals in 2018. So, stop on in to your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio to join us for an introductory lesson and let’s make all of your resolutions a reality this year.