Do Men Take Dance Lessons? (Plus, How to Get Them Interested!)

It’s a typical party scene: A group of women kicking up their heels on the dance floor, while husbands and dates look on from their seats or the bar.

We’ve heard every excuse in the book for avoiding the dance floor, so now it’s time to put the “I can’t dance” excuse to rest with a couples dance lesson. Keep in mind that if your husband or boyfriend really doesn’t want to dance, he won’t. Here are some tips that might help encourage the process along and get him out on the dance floor.

Encourage and discuss
Again, no force is needed! Explain to him that this is something you want to do together. Dancing is a hobby that you can share and spend evenings out doing together, which will ultimately strengthen your relationship.

Find the right place
At Fred Astaire Dance Studio, we ensure that every dancer can find a place to learn in a comfortable environment. Guys- no need to fear looking silly, we go at your pace!

Find the right dance
Ladies, you might be interested in learning the graceful waltz or the romantic tango, but guys may prefer to learn to dance something more energetic, like the salsa or swing. Find a dance that both of you will enjoy learning together!

Get lost in a crowd (or don’t)
Some guys may feel more comfortable in a group class, where they can see how others learn a new dance. However, some guys may prefer to get started with a private lesson to get familiar with a new movement. Try both, find out what the best fit for you is.

When all else fails…Compromise
Relationships are about give and take. Suggest spending time together doing something he loves, like golf, in addition to taking dance lessons together. That way, you’re recognizing what excites him while suggesting creative ways to spend time together. You might be surprised to find that you have two new hobbies to do together!

So, to answer your question: yes! Men show up to our dance lessons, ready to learn to ballroom dance, more often than you’d think. We love to have dance students of all kinds, so take a few tips from us to help get your man interested in dance, and sign up for a class! We’d love to see you.