Give Mom the gift of dance this Mother’s Day

Searching for a great Mother’s Day gift idea? How about dance lessons from Fred Astaire Dance Studio? Whether Mom’s a beginner or classically trained, the Fred Astaire dance instructors can teach her a few new moves.

Mom’s tired of getting flowers for Mother’s Day, though she’d never tell you. In truth, anything you get for your mother on her day is special. But you bought her flowers last year, and the year before that. What your mom really wants is a memorable experience she can keep forever. This year, why not dance lessons?
Dancing is a romantic and special experience two people can share — the music, the closeness, the eye contact and movement. When Mom dances with Dad, her child or a friend, she smiles. Think about it; have you ever seen your mom dance look happy? Of course not, because dancing is one of the most enjoyable activities in life. And research has shown that our fondest memories are generally tied to happiness.
Buy a dance lesson (or two!) for Mom, and she’ll learn a multitude of styles, like ballroom, salsa, rumba, foxtrot, swing, and so many more. She can dance solo, or convince Dad to take a few lessons with her. At the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, award-winning professional dance instructors work with each student, and break down each dance in a way that both beginner and experienced dancers can learn. The instructors believe anyone can learn to dance, and everyone will have fun dancing.
This year, don’t buy Mom flowers. Instead, get her a handwritten card and a couple dance lessons. Because what Mom really wants this year for Mother’s Day, is to know you are thinking about her happiness. Trust us, she’ll love it!