Personality Quiz: Which Ballroom Dance Is My Perfect Match?

If you were a dance, which one would you be? Have you ever wondered which ballroom dance you should learn first? Take our fun personality quiz to find out which dance is your first match!

1. Why do you want to learn to dance?

A. I just have a passion for dancing!
B. To meet people!
C. To add some spice to my love life.
D. To make life more magical
E. I want to be able to impress people

2. What color fits your style best?

A. Pink
B. Lots of patterns
C. Red
D. Yellow
E. Black

3. If you could hop on a plane and fly anywhere… where would it be?

A. Paris
B. The Caribbean
C. Mexico
D. Chicago
E. Argentina

4. You’re going to a party…. what are you wearing?

A. Something flowing and feminine
B. Whatever’s trendy
C. Something tight and sexy
D. Something loose and comfortable
E. Anything red, black, daring, or dramatic!

5. You turn on the CD player in your car… what’s playing?

A. Mozart
B. Anything that I dance along to
C. Marc Anthony
D. Michael Bublé
E. Christina Aguilera

6. If you could live year round in any season, it would be?

A. Winter: There is something romantic about falling snow and cuddling in front of a fire
B. Spring: You like the bright colors and newness!
C. Summer: You love hot, steamy, nights!
D. Fall: You love the cool breeze and crispness in the air
E. You like them all! You invite change don’t like too much of the same thing

7. What word best describes your personality?

A. Calm
B. Sassy
C. Dramatic
D. Gentle
E. Open-minded

Now, count up how many As, Bs, Cs, Ds and Es you got, and then see below for your results!

If you got mostly As – You’re the Waltz!

You are graceful and elegant! You are a true romantic at heart and believe in happy endings. Now sit back and wait to be swept off your feet!

If you got mostly Bs – You’re Swing!

You are fast, fun, and flirty! You have a bubbly personality and don’t easily conform to rules or stereotypes. You are adventurous, spontaneous, and risky! Swing out!

If you got mostly Cs – You’re Salsa!

You love all things dramatic and flirtatious. You have a flair for the limelight and love to perform. Women want to be you and men just want you. You are fiery!

If you got mostly Ds – You’re Foxtrot!

You were born in the wrong era! You dream of a world where people randomly burst into song and dance! You glide when you walk into a room and carry yourself beautifully!

If you got mostly Es – You’re Tango!

You are very passionate and have a flair for the dramatic. You’re in your element when all eyes are on you! Good luck tying you down!

Did you get an even split? Guess you’ll just need to come take a few lessons to figure out which dance is your best personality match!