Four Social Events Where You’ll Be Glad You Know How to Dance

Dancing is one of the best ways to bring a group of people together, because it’s a fun and significant way for people to socialize and celebrate a happy event. Dance plays a role in many social events, whether it’s line dancing at a bar or a flash mob at a wedding. There are certain situations where dancing is almost a given, and for these, you’ll feel much more relaxed and enthusiastic if you know you can dance. So here are the four situations we think it’s most important to know at least a little about dancing.



Dancing is part of the formula for a wedding, so you have to know how to get your groove on. After a solemn ceremony for the couple to proclaim their vows, everyone lets loose for a huge celebration of the newlyweds. But the vast trove of wedding dance videos on YouTube shows there is a right way and a wrong way to make your mark on the wedding dance floor. Practice your moves beforehand, or even choreograph a dance, to make the celebration memorable.

military ball

Military Balls

Military balls are generally formulaic in nature, and at the end, they will usually include a dance and time to socialize. This is one event where it would be useful to know some ballroom dancing, as many will start with a waltz or foxtrot before transitioning into more modern styles. Because there is such emphasis on protocol as a way of honoring the service members in attendance, you’ll want to mind your p’s and q’s while there.

Businessman dancing on cubicle desk

Office Parties

This might not be the first social event to come to mind when it comes to dancing, but office parties are one way to let your colleagues and bosses see another side of you. It might seem petty, but people want to work with people they like. Impress your coworkers, and show them you know how to relax after a hard day, by showing off on the dance floor. However, one thing to remember is that you have to face these people the next day, so maybe skip the suggestive or over-the-top moves.

bar dancing

At a Bar

This one doesn’t seem obvious at first, but dancing is especially popular at places like country western bars. A number of older country songs have styles of dance associated with them, if they don’t have a whole choreographed line dance. Dancing with someone is an easy way to start a conversation, so if you’re trying to get the phone number of a cute girl at the bar, inviting her to dance is a promising way to go.

If you feel uncomfortable in social situations, knowing how to dance can be something that takes the pressure off and allows you to have fun. Dancing is unavoidable at many events, unless you want to be seen as boring or timid, so it’s a very valuable skill to have. So try out some social dance classes at Fred Astaire Dance Studios to get over your jitters and gain confidence on the dance floor!