The Swing of Things: Valentine’s Day Edition

Did you see all of the amazing ballroom dancing stories about people enjoying a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day? Fred Astaire Dance Studios around the country celebrated with teachers and students sharing their stories of fun, fitness and fulfillment on the dance floor. Here are a few of our favorites:

FADS Chicago

Chicago: WGN’s “Around Town” comes to Fred Astaire Dance Studio

Check out this party of Fred Astaire Dance Studio professionals from around the Windy City showing their stuff!


New York: WCBS anchor learns how to Rumba

She learned how to dance, he lost 30 lbs. doing it!

FADS Greensboro

Greensboro: Ballroom dancing saved my life! 

Ever heard of a widow-maker? This guy needed major heart surgery, but never would have known if it weren’t for ballroom dancing. This is a story you’ve got to see to believe!

And here are a few other stories from the world of dancing!

Violette Verdy: New York City Ballet Dancer Dies at Age 82

Last week, the world of dance felt a great loss as Violette Verdy, one of New York City Ballet’s most well-known dancers, passed away at age 82. Follow the link for a wonderful tribute to her life and many successes as a dancer.

Young Dancer, Maddie Ziegler, Is At It Again

One of the biggest up and coming dancers of the past few years is also the youngest! Check out her latest video, created for for ballet apparel company Capezio’s latest #DanceInYou campaign. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this budding star!

Traditional Haka Dance

This wedding video all the way from New Zealand has been going viral the past few weeks. A war dance that would have shocked wedding guests in America was a moving declaration of love and support for this Maori couple.