The Swing of Things: Back-to-School Edition

It’s August, and for a lot of families that means only one thing: BACK TO SCHOOL! Now that can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your personal perspective, but for us here at Fred Astaire Dance Studios it means a lot of things. It means that we’re starting to see an… Read More

Our Favorite Football End Zone Dances

Ah… the sweet sensation of fall is just around the corner. The falling leaves, the sweater weather, the pumpkin spice everything and of course, the return of football. Now, not everyone considers himself or herself to be a football fan, and that’s okay. But, have you stopped to consider just how much dancing is involved… Read More

Swing of Things: Dog Days of Summer Edition

As we head into the “Dog Days” of summer, Fred Astaire Dance Studios have some good news to share that will help us all escape the worst of the summer heat. We’ve got exciting news about the new season of “Dancing With the Stars” and the dance routine video for this year’s National Dance Day… Read More

Eat, Sleep, Loot, Dance: The Best of Fortnite Dances

Could parents finally have found the upside to video games? Well, sort of!   “Fortnite” is one the of the most massively popular video games ever created! It’s pretty simple: a bunch of players gather together and battle it out until only one remains. Each player is represented inside the game by an avatar, and… Read More