Women celebrate Leap Day by asking their partner to Dance

Valentine’s Day is not the only day in February to celebrate with your main squeeze. Fred Astaire Dance Studios encourages women to follow a leap year tradition and invite your man to dance.   Throughout history, leap day is also known as “Ladies Day” or “Ladies’ Privilege.” Reports reveal Scottish law in the 1200s as… Read More

Swing of Things: Dancing Boosts Heart Health, Fuels Weight Loss

Did you know that dancing boosts heart health and helps you lose weight? Get in the swing of things this month at Fred Astaire Dance Studios by learning how to swing, cha-cha and salsa to get in shape.   February is American Heart Month, and Fred Astaire Dance Studios is celebrating love and cardiovascular fitness… Read More

Dancing Helps Build Strong Female Friendships

Happy Galentine’s Day! Ladies are leaving the men at home and heading to Fred Astaire Dance Studios in February to celebrate a special holiday dedicated to strong female friendships and strong women.   Galentine’s Day falls on February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. The unique holiday started when Amy Poehler’s character on the hit… Read More

Celebrating Happy Marriages, One Dance at a Time

Happy marriages are everywhere at Fred Astaire Dance Studios! We’re celebrating National Spouses Day by offering couples the chance to deepen their relationship by learning the lifelong art of ballroom dancing.   National Spouses Day is celebrated annually at the end of January. This special holiday encourages spouses to be grateful for the fulfillment and… Read More