10 Myths about Ballroom Dancing

myths about ballroom dancing

There are many myths about ballroom dancing and dance classes that periodically rear their heads at our studios, so we like to take time to address them every once in a while. Do you think you know all there is to know about Fred Astaire Dance Studios and ballroom dancing? Test your knowledge on these 10 myth or fact statements!

I Won’t Be Comfortable Dancing in Front of Others

This is a HUGE myth when it comes to learning performing arts. Many people fear failure, and they fear looking silly or uncoordinated in front of others. This fear makes sense, but in a class setting, it is completely unfounded. While there might be more experienced dancers in a class with you, think for a second on how they became more experienced: They took classes! No one will think you’re silly or a failure for taking the first step in your dance education by attending a class. So, get out there and dance!

I Don’t Have the Rhythm/Coordination to Dance

Dance can seem too difficult or daunting for people who have never tried it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn! Rhythm and coordination are cultivated, and can be learned through practice. Certain things might take longer for you to learn than others, but that doesn’t mean you should count dance out before you try it!

You Have to Be Born Talented to Be a Dancer

This is related to the above, because many people still believe that talent is a necessity to ever become great at something. However, many studies have demonstrated that for most activities, even up through Olympic sports, practice and effort matter more than innate talent. So, if you want to become a good dancer, take heart — regular practice is all you need!

I Can Learn What I Need to Know Online/from Youtube Videos

Online videos and other resources are terrific for beginning to learn, but they lack what is possibly the most important aspect of ballroom dancing — social interaction. You can use videos to learn steps or get general pointers on technique; but to improve your dancing ability, nothing can replace dancing with different partners in a ballroom class, guided by an instructor who is there to refine and change the little details that will take your dancing to the next level.

Dance Takes a Long Time to Learn

At Fred Astaire Dance Studio, our motto is, “You walk in, and you dance out!” The great thing about ballroom dancing is that it doesn’t require distinct or set choreography. This means you can string simple moves together easily to make a beautiful and fun dance in no time. And as you improve, you can learn even more advanced moves.

You Must Have a Partner to Attend a Dance Class

It can be intimidating to attend a dance class alone, but your instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios will ensure that no one goes a lesson without a partner. One key to improving quickly is dancing with many different partners, because it forces you to learn how to adapt and think on your feet during a song. So, expect to dance with many partners, and expect lots of fun and improvement in your dancing as a result!

Ballroom Dance Is Too Formal to Be Fun

Styles of ballroom dance run the gamut, from the standard waltz to the fiery tango, from the sultry salsa to the rapid-fire swing. Ballroom and social dance classes can cover these styles and more, so despite your fears of only finding stiffness and formality in a ballroom class, there’s actually a fun style for every taste. Simply ask the instructors what style of dance might fit your preferences, and they can help pair you up with your perfect lesson.

Dance Is Just for Women

This one is just ridiculous! Our studio franchise’s namesake should be proof enough of that. Next myth!

There’s Only One Body Type that Is Good at Dancing

It’s easy to see where this myth came from, since many professional dancers seem to be cut from the same mold. But look closer and you’ll find that skilled dancers don’t have one particular look — age, weight, height and body shape have no bearing on how beautiful your dancing can be. Your effort and experience are what matter!

Dance Isn’t an Effective Exercise

There’s evidence everywhere that dance is terrific for helping you get and stay in shape! In fact, some of our locations even have ballroom dance-based workout and conditioning classes. In order to dance for several minutes straight and perform complex steps and lifts, one must be physically fit. Dance practice is one way to achieve that level of fitness, so it stands to reason that dancing is a good workout on its own!

As you can see, there are many misconceptions floating around about ballroom dance and dance classes. Any one of these on their own might be enough to keep someone from ever visiting a dance studio. But, instead of letting your fears intimidate you, find a Fred Astaire Dance Studio near you and be supported in your dance journey! Ballroom dance is for everyone, so give it a shot today!