6 Reasons Why We’re Thankful for Ballroom Dancing

thankful for ballroom dancing

When dancers are swinging and swaying, they’re doing more than sharing smiles and steps on the dance floor.  There’s no denying the numerous health benefits of ballroom dancing.  It’s also an enjoyable way to connect with others, gain confidence, and even add a little romance to a relationship.  Taking dance lessons at a Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio allows participants to learn the skills they need to show off on the dance floor, but the benefits don’t stop there.

In fact, when we talked to our dancers about why they are thankful for ballroom dancing, they said it was because dancing:

Is More Fun Than the Gym

Why run in place on a treadmill when you can glide across a dance floor instead?  Dancing is great exercise.  The low-impact aerobic workout burns calories, boosts muscle tone and works the cardiovascular system.  It also helps improve flexibility, balance, strength and agility.

“I am thankful for ballroom dancing because it’s a great form or exercise while learning different dance steps. Also, it is a wonderful way to meet new people and establish long-lasting friendships.” – Marsha Hanson, 3-year student, Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Brandon

Makes Us Feel Pretty

Ballroom dancing is a wonderful way to boost confidence.  We tell our students to dance as if no one is watching.  There is no judgment in this crowd!    If you’re willing to learn and have fun, confidence on the dance floor will follow.  You can take that confidence with you… to work, social settings and other aspects of life.  Once you start taking lessons, you may even have the courage to ask that special someone for a dance one day!

Let’s Us Dance Cheek to Cheek

Sizzling on the dance floor adds spice to a relationship.  When you dance with a partner, you hold him or her close, pay attention to his or her movements, and work together in a coordinated fashion.  Compatibility on the dance floor can only boost the bond between partners.  Plus, having a shared passion doesn’t hurt.

Makes Us Ready to Mingle

But, you don’t need a partner to enjoy dance lessons; in fact, dancing is a great way to meet new people.  At Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios, we provide weekly practice dance parties, nights out on the town, and regional and national competitions. Our groups and practice sessions give students the chance to meet others who have the same interests and goals.

“I’m thankful for ballroom dancing because it allows all kinds of people–regardless of age, ethnicity, and capability–to be in a room together and share pure happiness.” – Ria DeSoto, owner, Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Long Grove

Motivates and Challenges Us

Impressing guests at a wedding isn’t the only way dancers can show off their skills.  With the Fred Astaire Trophy System, there’s always a new goal just around the corner… which means even more motivation to keep on dancing!  After learning the step patterns and techniques in our Beginner and Social Foundation Programs, students can dance up the ladder to our Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.  Students can even take their moves across the country to our glamorous Fred Astaire National and Regional Dance Competitions.

“I am thankful for ballroom dancing because I get to share joy with others and take part in enriching their lives.” – Kelle Chancellor, owner, Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Brandon

Is Fun!

Arguably the largest reason people are thankful for dancing is simply because it’s fun.  If it’s not, you’re doing it wrong!  Learning how to dance takes concentration and dedication, but the process should always be enjoyable.  At Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios, dancers are surrounded by enthusiastic, encouraging and lively people.  Everyone is a cheerleader (of the ballroom dancing kind) ready to offer you the boost you need to waltz around the room.

“I am thankful for ballroom dancing for so many reasons. First of all, it is great exercise. It has helped my self-confidence, and because of it, I have made some wonderful friends. It is a lot of fun!” – Pat Pons, 4-year student, Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Brandon

If you’re ready to work out, meet exciting people, and boost your confidence all while learning a fun skill, shimmy into your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio today.