Baseball and Ballroom: Two Great American Pastimes

Many people don’t realize just how many similarities there are between ballroom dancing and… baseball. Yes, we said baseball! Consider this: they both require a degree of grace, fast feet, and to win you have to hit it out of the park sometimes!


And that’s not all. You won’t just see hot dogs, homers, and seventh-inning stretches at the ballpark. Indeed, sometimes you’ll see dancing in the dugout, on the diamond, and even in the stands. So in honor of Opening Day, some of Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s favorite moves… courtesy of the Boys of Summer.


The fans are feeling it!

The excitement always begins with the fans. Young, old, win, or lose, baseball fans are some pretty die-hard supporters… kind of like ballroom dancers? Hmmmm.

But some fans seem like they might have an ulterior motive. Could it be time for mom and dad to embarrass their teen? Nothing says “humiliation” like your mom and dad dancing for the jumbotron!


The players are feeling it!

The Chicago Cubs fans can count on the relief pitchers for fastballs AND funky moves. Fans look forward to the action in the bullpen along with the rest of the game in the ballpark.

Sometimes the competition during the rain delay is just as fierce as when the ball is in play… no matter at what level you’re playing the game.


Mascots like to move too!

Sometimes even the mascots get in on the act. Here’s the Houston Astros mascot, Orbit, kicking up his heels…with a little help from stadium security.

Of course, you can always count on the Philly Phanatic to get fans to cut loose and have fun… and isn’t that what baseball is all about? That, and winning, of course!


Real baseball/ballroom boogie!

Of course, no tribute to baseball and ballroom would be complete without the first ballroom dancing baseball player on “Dancing With the Stars.” David Ross teamed up with pro Lindsay Arnold and put on this baseball-themed quickstep for fans of both sports during the season 24 premiere.


In the end, we hope you appreciate the best of both baseball and ballroom. Hopefully, you can all agree with Fred Astaire Dance Studio; they are both favorite American pastimes.