Break From Tradition! Lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio are the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and ballroom dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios are the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift! This is a holiday that is full of traditional expectations: romantic dinners, boxed chocolates… maybe even a dozen red roses. Here at Fred Astaire Dance Studio, we’re all for tradition, but we think this Valentine’s Day might be a good time to make a change. Fred Astaire Dance Studio encourages you to “go rogue” this holiday and make a break with tradition. Leave the fancy cards and bushels of bouquets behind! Fred Astaire Dance Studio declares dance lessons to be the BEST GIFT EVER for Valentine’s Day and we’ve got three really good reasons why!


Reason #1: It will get your pulses racing!

Sure, a romantic glance across a candlelit table can make your heart go pitter-patter. But if you want to get your heart really thumping, put in some time ballroom dancing! Ballroom dancing has been shown to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health, strengthen your bones, and lessen your risks of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Dinner at a fancy French restaurant is wonderful, but can it do all of that? We think not. Ballroom dancing has many scientifically proven benefits both physically and mentally. This is definitely a gift that will keep on giving.


Reason #2: It will help you burn off a box of chocolates… and then some!

Ballroom dancing doesn’t always get the credit it deserves, but it delivers a great workout! During ballroom dance lessons, you’ll not only be having fun with your partner, but you’ll also be enjoying a low-impact aerobic exercise that burns fat and boosts your metabolism. In just 30 minutes of dancing, you can burn between 200–400 calories, which is basically the same as jogging! Now compare that to this factoid that everyone would probably prefer to ignore: there are approximately 2,300 calories in a pound of milk chocolate. That’s a lot of Hustle! With a gift of ballroom dance lessons from Fred Astaire Dance Studio, you’ll not only spark the romance, but you’ll also find yourself on the way to being healthier and more physically fit as well.


Reason #3: It’s a gift that will last a lifetime!

February 15th arrives, and the candles are blown out, the roses are beginning to wilt, and the memories of the romantic dinner are already starting to fade. But with ballroom dance lessons from Fred Astaire Dance Studio, the fun is just getting started. Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s proven program of private lessons, group lessons, and practice parties means you’ll learn as much as possible (and have as much fun as possible) in a short amount of time. We’ll have you feeling confident about your dance abilities by the end of your first lesson! Dance lessons with Fred Astaire Dance Studio give you and your partner a chance to reconnect on a regular basis. You’ll have fun and learn new skills as you gaze at each other and hold one another close. Don’t have a partner? No problem. We teach both singles and couples. If you come as one of our single students, your instructor will be your partner for your private lessons. Our group and practice session provide plenty of opportunities to meet other students who are excited about learning to dance too!


Romance for a Lifetime

Ballroom dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio really do offer you benefits that will last a lifetime. It’s easy to find out more information and get any of your questions answered. Spend your Valentine’s Day with your loved one and Fred Astaire Dance Studio and let our Salsa spark some passion in your life.