Celebrate National Ballroom Dance Week with Fred Astaire Dance Studio!

National Ballroom Dance Week

Get ready to shake things up and Celebrate National Ballroom Dance Week with Fred Astaire Dance Studio!

For nearly 30 years, ballroom dancers across the country have marked time in the fall to celebrate their love of social dancing, and share it with their local community members. This year’s National Ballroom Dance Week is actually nine days, from September 21 through September 30.

The idea is simple: Take ballroom dancing to where the people are, and introduce them to the joys and health benefits of joining an ongoing program of dancing. USA Dance chapters throughout the United States participate in all kinds of activities during National Ballroom Dance Week, including a flash mob competition. Check out the Cha-Cha Flashmob at Minnesota’s Mall of America:

Studies show ballroom dancing provides many mental and physical health benefits:

  • For some people, it reduces anxiety and depression
  • Freestyle partner dancing can ward off dementia
  • Dancing can improve social connectivity
  • People prone to dizzy spells can gain balance from dance training
  • Dancing to upbeat music can burn more than 400 calories an hour
  • Even waltzing can improve heart and blood vessel function
  • Dance as exercise can boost libido and improve sexual performance
  • Dancing can prevent or improve aches and pains and other aging symptoms

On top of all that, it’s just plain FUN! Just ask these dancers celebrating last year’s National Ballroom Dance Week in Orlando

The festivities planned for National Ballroom Dance Week include lessons, shows, exhibitions and special performances. Each chapter designs its own celebration, with instructors and vendors coordinating to make the events fun and accessible to the public.

Many studios schedule open houses and offer free lessons to prospective members. Others work with municipalities and community groups to hold exhibitions in malls, government buildings, libraries, schools, senior centers, hospitals… even ferry boats and city streets!

People in the community get a chance to view a variety of movement styles and meet professional dancers who offer guidance and encouragement. USA Dance chapters have awesome outreach opportunities to work with studios, vendors and instructors to coordinate showcases, seminars, workshops, and any other activities that promote ballroom dancing.

As a side benefit, local dance studios waltz away with new members, added exposure and increased goodwill in their communities.

For more information about the National Ballroom Dance Week celebrations in your community, call, visit or check out Fredastaire.com for details about events at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in your area.