Check Out These Sizzling Summer Dance and Romance Videos

sizzling summer dance and romance videos

Is love just hotter in the summer? It sure seems like it is — and there are lots of reasons to believe romance burns brighter in the summer heat.

We wear fewer clothes, with some showing off their toned and tanned tummies — flirting and frolicking in the water to beat the heat. These longer days and sultry summer nights lend extra steam to anybody with passion for their partner.

When Becca said yes to Garrett’s proposal this summer on “The Bachelorette” their swirling hug and deep kiss just seemed hotter under the tropical sunset.


If you find yourself like that happy couple, starting or stoking a summer romance, you’re not alone.

Combine sun, surf and swimsuits, and you have a built-in backdrop for sexy summer fun.

The warmest months have long been celebrated in song, film, art and literature as a time ripe for love to blossom. Who could forget 1978’s iconic ode to the best season for sizzle?

John Travolta sealed his image as a dancer to watch after “Grease” grossed more than $40 million in its first 20 days!

Summer is also the season to take the party outdoors. Backyard barbecues and poolside picnics invite us to slow down and savor the people we love. A spontaneous poolside dance could be just the spice you need to amp up the heat between you and your hottie!  Here’s one that went viral for Tamanna Bhatia.

Her smokin’ hot moves caused an internet fever!

A walk under the stars is much more romantic when your toes are sinking in the sand. With so many songs about love under the stars, there’s plenty of inspiration for your soundtrack to a romantic summer stroll. And if that leads you to your own dance party, all the better!

A summer house party featuring great tunes and smooth moves can help turn up the heat on a summer love.

This is the time of year for celebration, vacation, relaxation. We move our summer bodies to seasonal rhythms: reggae, calypso, Junkanoo. And we do it all in — or near — the water.

Here are a few ideas for you to try next time you want to escape the heat — and wow your partner with some cool pool moves (just make sure to hold your breath!):

Use some of these moves as inspiration for your sizzling summer romance, or better yet, visit your Fred Astaire Dance Studio to learn some hot new moves together.