Dancing to Win: The Fred Astaire Trophy System

Dancing to Win: The Fred Astaire Trophy System

Want an easy way to track your progress while you enjoy learning to dance? At Fred Astaire Dance Studio, we use a trophy system that gives students the chance to see how they are doing and give them new incentives to work towards. Sounds like fun, right?


Check out our trophy levels:



Yep, this is our beginner level. We start all of our students with a package designed for the novice, featuring basic elements of popular social dances. This way, we can determine your learning rate and style, level of retention, goals and interests. This level can be awkward initially, but students move through it quickly on their way to the social foundation level.



Now is when you’ll start to get more comfortable as we begin to build you a personalized dance program. You’ll learn new techniques and step patterns of lead and follow, musical timing and blending. At this level, you’ll be having fun while holding your own in most social dancing situations.



If you want to become a confident, master social dancer, then the Bronze Trophy level is for you. This is the most popular standard for Fred Astaire Dance Studio students. You’re more fun to dance with because you know enough dances and patterns for you to hang in many dancing scenarios. You’ll be introduced to the styles that make dances look and feel the way you expect them to, and eventually master them as well.



Want to become a more polished dancer? The Silver program is for those looking to be more expressive, full of versatility and style in all of the major social dances. Silver dancers are confident and poised, capable of intricate steps and maneuvering in a crowd all while appearing footloose and fancy-free!



The highest level that an amateur can achieve is gold level. To an outsider, a gold level amateur can easily be mistaken for a professional because they have developed all of the poise and polish only seen in dancers with a thorough knowledge of the major ballroom dances.


Better get moving! What is your learning to dance goal?