Feeling the Empty Nest Blues? Get on the Dance Floor!

You’re so proud of your children. You’ve raised them well, and now they’re off on their own doing bigger and better things! But being an empty nester can be hard. You miss the flurry of daily activity, the noise, the laughter, even the mess! Taking care of your kids all those years was a full time job! Now that they’re out of the house, your day can sometimes feel empty and lonely. But that’s why now is the perfect time to try something exciting and new! Here’s why dance is a great cure for those empty nest blues:


You have more time now!

Let’s face it, the kids took up a lot of your time. There was the cleaning, the cooking, the carpooling to afterschool activities, not to mention making sure they did their homework, brushed their teeth and cleaned their rooms. But now that they’re out of the house, you have more time for the things you want to do! Why not use that time to explore a new hobby? Learning to dance is an exciting way to make new friends while pushing yourself to learn new things.


It can keep you fit!

Dancing is a great, easy way to stay active and get in shape! You haven’t had the time or energy to keep up with a regular fitness regimen while you had kids in the house. Now is your chance to become healthy and active again! Not only will dance improve your physical health, but exercising in a social environment will boost your mood as well! You’ll come home feeling happy and energized!


Rekindle that spark!

Raising kids can sometimes leave marriages a little lacking in the romance department. So much time and energy was spent taking care of them you had nothing left for yourselves! Now is the perfect opportunity to gain that spark back! You have the house all to yourselves now; it’s time to start having a little fun again! Dance lessons can be just the thing to rekindle those romantic feelings between you and your spouse.


Most importantly, you deserve it!

You’ve spent the past 18+ years thinking about people other than yourself. You deserve to treat yourself to something that you’ll enjoy, just for you! It will boost your mood, keep you fit and have you enjoying life!


So what are you waiting for? Get on the dance floor and watch those empty nest blues disappear!