Four myths about ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing has been around for a long time. Centuries, in fact. So, it’s probably no surprise that a few myths and legends have evolved around the dance over the years. Just think of almost any princess movie ever made. You’ve probably noticed a bit of ballroom dancing in those stories. Here at Fred Astaire Dance Studio, we love a good fairy tale, but there are a few more modern myths about ballroom dance that simply aren’t true. Not to worry though, we’re here to set the record straight. Here are just a few myths about ballroom dancing that you should definitely leave back in the dark ages.


Only Retirees Do It

Contrary to popular belief, ballroom dancing is not just an activity for the seniors. People of all ages enjoy ballroom dancing. It can be adapted to anyone’s individual needs and abilities, skill levels and even personal interests. In fact, the 12-15 year old age group is currently the fastest growing segment of ballroom dancers. Anyone can get into ballroom dancing. But beware, if you do, you might just fall in love with it.


It’s Simple and Slow

1, 2, 3 …1, 2, 3 … . If you’ve ever seen ballroom dancing in movies and TV shows, you’ve probably heard those numbers repeated before. Step here, step there, follow the lead. Simple, right? Well you shouldn’t believe everything you see on TV. Ballroom dancing can be a real workout. It can be as simple or as challenging as you make it, with lots of options for different experience levels and abilities. Yes, beginner’s lessons will take you through the basic steps of certain dances, but as you advance, you’ll find that ballroom dancing can push your limits and challenge you to learn ever-harder routines.


It’s Boring

When you think of ballroom dancing, do you think of the snooty people in the country club from “Dirty Dancing?” Or maybe even princesses in a royal court dancing slowly and methodically to some kind of harp? Well, think again. Ballroom dancing is about as exciting as it gets. While you are welcome to be slow and methodical about your dancing if you choose, you can also make it your own. You can ballroom dance to your favorite music and even incorporate styles from other forms of dance. Who says ballroom dancing can’t be fun? Definitely not us!


Nobody Does It Anymore

Ballroom dancing isn’t old-fashioned, it’s timeless. Yes, it has been around since before the 1600s, but it’s as popular as ever. It has evolved over time to become the art form we know today, with varying styles and levels of expertise. Thousands of people participate in ballroom dancing every day. There are lessons and competitions for people of all age groups, and many people around the world participate in this very real sport.

Still don’t believe us? Come in to Fred Astaire Dance Studio and see — or dance — for yourself!