Happy Birthday, Madonna! How the Material Girl changed dancing forever.

Whether it’s in a punk rock wedding dress or a fedora and menswear, Madonna can own a stage like no one else. With the original Material Girl turning 56 on August 16, we thought it was time to pay tribute to a lady whose work shows off creative choreography and continues to inspire others to dance.

Formerly a member of the Alvin Ailey dance troupe, Madonna has been dancing her way through pop culture since the ’80s. Whether it’s her moves or her songs that get you out of your seat and up on the dance floor, let’s take a look at some great dance moments in Madonna history.

“Come on, vogue. Let your body move to the music.” – “Vogue”

From the tuxedoed backup dancers to a polished and coiffed Madonna, the dance moves in this song focus on precise arm movements and synchronization. The dance trend originated in the 1960s in Harlem but gained pop culture status in 1990 with the release of Madonna’s ode to old Hollywood.

“Second best is never enough. You’ll do much better baby on your own.” – “Express Yourself”

A great beat and girl-power lyrics make this a great dance staple. The black menswear outfits don’t hurt either. After all, you can move and dance as much as you want to with suspenders keeping your pants in place!

“Faster than the speed of light, she’s flying, trying to remember where it all began.” -“Ray of Light”

The fast pace of this 1998 hit makes it perfect for dancing. Whether you’re in a club or your living room, its hard to not dance to this upbeat tune.

“No time to hesitate. Those who run seem to have all the fun.” – “Hung Up”

Proving she can still rock a pink leotard even in her 40s, Madonna’s catchy dance number gets toes tapping and bodies swaying  from the dance studio to the streets. With so many styles of dance represented, just pick one that inspires you and give it a go.

“And you can dance, for inspiration.” – “Into the Groove”

Madonna is the queen of ’80s bop dancing, but you don’t have to take a trip back in time to dance to this tune. This oldie but goodie is easy to customize to whatever style of dance you prefer.

If you still don’t feel like dancing after checking these clips out, try visiting your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Our instructors can help you find the perfect song and dance to get you “into the groove.” Let the experts be your inspiration!