It’s here! “Dancing with the Stars” Season 21

“Dancing with the Stars” Season 21 Predictions


“Dancing with the Stars” is back for its 21st season and we are so excited to tune in for all the great (and not so great) ballroom dancing this season! It could get pretty interesting, with a celebrity cast full of familiar faces like Paula Deen, Nick Carter and Gary Busey in the mix. While we can’t say for sure what will happen this season, we have a few predictions about who will go far and who might have two left feet.


Nick Carter

Our prediction? This guy’s going far! With his boy band background, this ex-Backstreet Boy has already had lots of dance experience from shooting music videos to doing live performances during his teenage years. We’re predicting he’ll be one of the better celebrity dancers on the show.


Bindi Irwin

The late Steve Irwin’s daughter is all grown up! We’re predicting this gal will warm America’s hearts, leading to lots of votes and a long run on the show. She even has a little dance experience under her belt and could be a real competitor on the dance floor.


Andy Grammer

This handsome hit singer might go far as well. Not only does he have some decent dance skills from his background as a performer, but he might also garner the sympathy vote after sharing that he joined “Dancing with the Stars” to honor his late mother’s love of dance.


Alexa and Carlos PenaVega

As the first married couple to ever compete against each other on the show, we’re thinking these two will go far. Not only do we think they might have some surprisingly good dance skills up their sleeves, but they may also get lots of fan votes as people want to see this husband and wife duo continue to compete against each other each week.


Alek Skarlatos

Alek gained fame last month as one of the three American soldiers who thwarted a terrorist attack on a Belgian train — while on vacation! While we have no idea yet what his dance skills are like, we think he’ll get lots of votes for his recent heroism, keeping him on the show for at least a few weeks.


Chaka Kahn

While this music icon undoubtedly possesses some rhythm, younger voters have likely never heard of her. She may be able to hold her own on the dance floor, but we’re not sure she’ll get enough votes to make it very far.


Tamar Braxton

This R&B singer might have a performing background, but we’re not sure she she knows how to dance. We’re predicting she won’t get very far, but she may just surprise us.


Gary Busey

Have you seen the guy dance? There’s no question about it, he’s going to be terrible. Need we say more? He’s not going to make it very far.


Paula Deen

While we’re unsure of her dancing skills (though we don’t expect her to be very good), Paula Deen might still be facing the repercussions of her 2013 scandal in the minds of many Americans. We’re thinking she won’t last very long.


Victor Espinoza

While he is a professional athlete, Victor doesn’t show much potential in the dancing department. We think his lack of rhythm will get him knocked out of the competition early on.


Kim Zolciak-Biermann

This reality star is a tough one to predict. She may have the potential to be a decent dancer, but we haven’t seen enough to know for sure. She might be the wild card this season, and we’re thinking she’ll certainly be bringing some drama to the show, keeping fans entertained.


Hayes Grier

Another mystery, this 15-year-old Vine star has unknown potential on the dance floor. Given the show’s primary audience of people a lot older than 15, however, we’re not sure how well his Internet fame among the youngsters will translate into votes from viewers.