Let the Season Put a Spring in Your Step

Depending on where you live, you may not be “seeing” much of spring, but chances are your body is already starting to feel it. This transition from winter to spring is a joyous time. In the winter our bodies may have felt like they’ve slowed down, mimicking nature. But even though some parts of our country may still be blanketed in snow, other parts are under a different sort of blanket — this one made out of pollen! So how will you celebrate spring? Here at Fred Astaire Dance Studio, that answer is simple: We’re moving!


Spring Celebrations and Festivals

There’s something about winter that makes you feel like you’re hibernating with the bears. You may not even realize it until you catch that first sense of spring. Suddenly you have a desire to be outside and shake the sleep off after that long winter nap. And what perfect timing! Springtime is prime time for celebrations and outdoor festivals.



One of the most popular festivals takes place in our nation’s capital. The Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival will surely get you moving. You’ll walk miles and hardly even notice. That’s because the beauty of thousands of cherry trees blooming brilliantly will captivate you! Watch for your community farmer’s market to kick back up in high gear in the coming weeks. And check your local paper for news of community carnivals and festivals. This spring you’re sure to find a friendly street dance somewhere so you can strut your stuff Astaire-style!


Shedding Layers

When it comes to winter dressing, you almost need a checklist! Thermal underwear, wool socks, coat, hats, gloves, scarf, boots! People walk around with more layers than a wedding cake! With the coming of spring comes the shedding of layers. Suddenly you can move your body more freely. Step outside and stretch while you take in the sunshine.

The benefits of stretching are well documented, which is why every instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studios will begin with a few stretching exercises. Not only does stretching help protect you from injury, but it will help increase your overall flexibility and improve your balance!


Eating Lighter

Maybe there something about shedding all those layers of bulky clothing, but people have a tendency to eat lighter when spring is sprung! There’s something comforting about a hearty stew and a crusty loaf of bread that’s just perfect for winter. Fast-forward to spring, and suddenly you’re craving crispy and crunchy salads. Experts don’t think it’s a coincidence. “From an anthropological standpoint, our bodies naturally want to shed the extra layer of weight we carry from winter. The types of foods that we find ourselves drawn to now — bright, crisp vegetables that sprout from the ground, foods that symbolize rebirth and growth — help us achieve this and fulfill our nutrient needs at the same time,” says chef Marissa Lippert, founder of Nourish Kitchen + Table. Think of it as spring cleaning for your diet!


Spring Awakening — of Your Senses

With spring we naturally begin to shake off the dullness brought on by the cold temperatures of winter. It’s almost as if our senses have been hibernating. It’s a perfect time to begin dancing. Dancing is a multi-sensory experience! You begin with the eyes — gazing up to your partner. Next, you’ll notice touch, as you clasp your partner in preparation for the dance. Next, you’ll sense the sound. The music will begin in your ears and then travel through your body. If you step into a Fred Astaire Dance Studio we make this promise — the “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You!”


It’s Spring — Get Moving

Let this be the season that motivates you to get moving. Whether it’s a walk in the park, a hike through the hills, or a foxtrot at a festival — Fred Astaire Dance Studio is here to help you get moving, no matter what the season. Give us a call today to book your lesson!