Let’s Scare Up Some Spooky Dance Moves

spooky dance moves

In some ways, Halloween and dancing have a lot in common. Both can feature some pretty fantastic costumes, and both can give the participants a chance to step outside of themselves for a little while. Whether you’re dancing the tango or two-stepping across a sawdust floor, dancing gives you a chance to escape your ordinary life, for a little while at least.


So what happens when you bring together the creepy and the choreographed? Why, you get some dangerously diabolical dances! Here are five (and a bonus or two!) of Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s favorite Spooky Dances.


  1. Michael Jackson’s Thriller

 Sort of a music video, sort of a short film; whatever you consider it, Michael Jackson’s Thriller was a hit. The performance video with its dancing werewolf and choreographed zombies hits the right notes between thrilling and chilling.


  1. “The Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This popular number is as simple as it is popular. The cult classic movie features a lot of audience participation and this number is by far one of the most popular. It’s become such a tradition it is sometimes played at dances and weddings.


  1. A Harry Potter homecoming

So, maybe this Harry Potter-themed dance number isn’t scary — but it is scary good! The Walden Grove High School dance group pulled off a stunning and inspiring routine set in the world of wizards for their school homecoming assembly. It’s been a viral video sensation ever since.


  1. Britain’s Got Talent insane clown posse

Cross the pond for this next video… if you dare! Clowns can be creepy and this London-based dance group took full advantage of that fear with this insane performance that even had Simon Cowell a little scared — and he’s usually the one that’s frightening.


  1. Halloween comes to Dancing With the Stars

Holidays are always a fun time on Dancing With the Stars and back in Season 25 of the hit show was no exception. During this Halloween-themed evening, the dancers were divided into two teams: Team “Monster Mash” and Team “Phantom of the Opera.”

We’re not sure which group we liked better, but the judges were Team Phantom all the way!


  1. Scaredy-cats and Fred

To wrap things up, we’ve got to throw in a little Fred Astaire. It’s the “Piano Dance” from the 1950 film Let’s Dance. The skill displayed here is heart-stopping, but the only scare comes in the form of some four-legged friends toward the end!


If you don’t want to end up looking a fright on the dance floor, come by your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio for a lesson. You’ll bewitch your partners in no time!