Let’s “Slip” Into Fall Y’all!

dancing fails

Oh, those dancing fails!

If you want to make an omelet, you’ll have to break a few eggs. The same can be said with dance. The pursuit of perfection (or just plain fun!) is often fraught with failures. Who hasn’t taken a tumble or suffered a slip? There’s no doubt that our beloved Fred had to suffer a few bruises and bumps while making the movie magic we all know and love — he was just lucky that cell phones weren’t around then to record every mistake.

So as the calendar makes a change and fall makes an entrance, Fred Astaire Dance Studios celebrates the season with our favorite funny videos of dancing falls.


They can happen in front of a crowd.

Worse yet – it can happen in front of a crowd during a competition! Was it a slippery floor or a misstep? This couple was in the middle of a Quickstep when disaster struck. The lesson here: learn to get up as gracefully as this beautiful couple… and keep on dancing.


It can happen in the privacy of your bathroom — if you’ve got a camera recording.

This young dancer was perfecting his hip-hop moves, but decided on the close confines of his family bathroom. The real surprise is that he must have decided to post the “curtain fall” himself, for all the world to see. A true performer.


They can happen to anybody, including stars!

Just ask Jennifer Lopez. The talented singer, dancer and choreographer suffered this slip during a broadcast of the American Music Awards. Not only did the stunned auditorium audience see, so did millions of viewers at home. Now, thanks to the internet, future generations will too.


They can happen to stars for the day!

Wedding days can make couples feel like celebrities — even if it’s just for that one day. After all, everyone’s eyes are on you, especially during that all-important first dance. A dance that you so want to be perfect! What is absolutely perfect here is how the couple carries on.


They can become lessons to learn.

During a recent dance challenge, participants were asked to hop out of moving cars and dance along the open door. Did we say the car was moving? Did we mention that sometimes the dancers were also the drivers?! As you might imagine, this led to countless videos of dance falls, as this news story explains.

They can become the most important lesson to learn about life.

Of course, this little girl’s slip and tumble teaches us the most important lesson of all. If you take a fall, stand up, dust yourself off, and keep on smiling. That’s a great philosophy for dance as well as life!

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