New Year’s Resolutions for Ballroom Dancers

Looking for New Year’s Resolutions for Ballroom Dancers? Holiday treats and sweets will surround us until the end of the year, so now is probably not the best time to start a strict diet or fierce fitness routine. But ballroom dancers can make resolutions that attract more health and happiness in the new year. It all comes down to finding a plan that makes sense, setting realistic goals, and having accountability. Here are four resolutions all ballroom dancers can stick to:


I Will Try a New Ballroom Dance Style
Like other athletes, dancers can benefit from cross-training, even if it only means trying a new type of dance. Learning a new dance style can help improve your balance, memory and endurance. Even if you never plan to dance competitively, trying on a new style can broaden your movement vocabulary. It can also increase your overall enjoyment of the whole ballroom experience. Need some ideas?  How about learning a sassy, sultry rhumba like this:


I Will Invest in a Good Pair of Ballroom Shoes

Proper footwear is essential to any dancer who wants to learn grace and precision on the ballroom dance floor. A good dance shoe will offer enhanced mobility, allowing you to flex, point, and use your ankles more effectively. It will also provide a proper grip for your foot on the dance floor, and will help improve safety for your feet, ankles and knees. Here is a quick tutorial on finding the right fit for your dancing feet:

I Will Practice at Home Using an Online Dance Tutorial

Let’s face it, nothing beats a cheek-to-cheek with a real live human! But if you or your partner can’t make it to your regularly scheduled class, work out a few steps at home. Here’s a free Fred Astaire online waltz lesson you can use to sharpen your skills:

I Will Invite a Friend to Try a Class

Share the love! If you’ve found a fondness for the foxtrot, chances are someone you know will also love learning to dance. Many studios offer free introductory lessons, so what better way to get your friend’s foot in the dance studio door?  Make it a double date night with you and your partner, or add post-lesson cocktails or dessert to enhance the experience.

Resolutions are only as good as the resolve you have to keep them. Make this the year you stick to your plan, and get the most enjoyment out of your time on the dance floor. Be sure to call, stop by or visit your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio for more ideas on keeping your dance resolutions in the new year.