So Ed Sheeran Thinks He Can Dance?

So, Ed Sheeran thinks he can dance? Apparently so, and we’re loving it!

The British pop-singer and songwriter has taken to the dance floor in his new music video to showcase his ballroom dancing skills. Sheeran calls “Thinking Out Loud” one of his favorite songs from his most recent album, X. In a nod toward creativity, he explains, “I wanted the video to be a little different, so I opted for ballroom dancing.”

Although many of us are familiar with his chart-topping hits and angelic voice, dancing seems to be a recent addition to his resume. To learn the impressive dance sequence, Sheeran practiced for hours on end ahead of the music video shoot. According to Sheeran, he trained for five hours a day while on his US tour, and then 8 hours a day for the five days leading up to the shoot. Coupled with a new diet, it’s not surprising that he lost 35 pounds in the process! “I can see why dancers are in such good shape!” he told ET of his pre-shoot fitness regimen.


In the new video, Sheeran ditches his casual style and gets all dressed up before heading out on the ballroom floor with dance partner Brittany Cherry of “So You Think You Can Dance.” The romantic song pairs perfectly with the duo’s impressive dance, consisting of a sweet and electric mix of styles that translate the lyrics wonderfully into movement.


Will “Thinking Out Loud” soon become a first-dance classic? Sheeran says he thinks the romantic ballad has what it takes to become a fan favorite love song. For any couples thinking of using this tender tune for their first dance, Fred Astaire Dance Studio offers customized wedding dance lesson packages to help you feel confident that your first dance as husband and wife is a showstopper! Whether it’s “Thinking Out Loud” or another song that captures your romance, let us know what you have in mind for your first dance!

Tell us: do you think Sheeran deserves a perfect 10 for his “Thinking Out Loud Performance?”