The Swing of Things: Dance into the New Year

The Swing of Things: Dance into the New Year

Will you dance into the New Year? As we prepare to ring in the new year, many of us will give considerable thought to the resolutions we plan to adopt in 2018. Although we pledge ourselves to these newfound commitments on the first of January, so many of us struggle to stay motivated throughout the year. While it’s sometimes not so simple to keep your eye on the prize after the glitter of the new year has faded, it is important to remember why you made these resolutions in the first place! We hope these motivational words and stories help you stay on the right track and have you dancing well into the new year!

103-Year-Old Proves Age Is But a Number

At 103, Eileen Kramer is defying all odds as she continues to perform, choreograph, and shock the dance world with her inspiring story. As an original member of Australia’s first modern dance company, the Bodenwieser Ballet. She has traveled all over the world from India to Paris to share her love of dance. Eileen proves that no matter your age, dance is a universal language for all to enjoy.

The Sweet Love Story Behind this Holiday Ad

The holiday ad everyone went gaga for this season just got a little sweeter. The heartwarming Apple commercial opens with a woman dancing down a snowy street just as she bumps into a man with whom she locks eyes and shares her music. The two, lost in a moment of bliss, move and sway intimately together through the snow covered streets. What’s the best part of this love story you might ask? The two dancers are actually husband and wife who met in line at a dance audition in NYC!

Motivational Words from the Cutest Little Girl

This little girl is serious about #goals when it comes to staying motivated and keeping a positive attitude. We could all learn a lesson or two from this cutie who reminds us all that we are capable of anything. Perhaps we incorporate this self-love exercise into our morning routine this new year!

Misty Copeland Quotes to Live By

Misty Copeland, the first African-American female principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre, is well-known for overcoming adversity and changing the future of ballet. She shares these inspirational words that transcend dance and encourage others to follow their own true path.

Whether your goal is to build up enough courage to attend your first dance class or to conquer tricky toe-tapping moves, these stories are certain to embed themselves in your heart and encourage you to make the most of your new year.