The Swing of Things: Long May You Run


Lots has happened in the world of dance this month! The biggest news? We have a brand new viral dance trend moving across the nation…have you tried the “Running Man Challenge” yet?

Ellen meets the teens behind the “Running Man Challenge”.

The teens behind the latest viral dance craze, “The Running Man Challenge”, were invited on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to discuss how they came up with their idea — and of course, a dance party ensued.

Have you seen this new dance show?

There’s a new show on Lifetime, and it’s all about dance! “Dance Video Throwdown” is exactly as it sounds — young dancers compete to create the best dance video to a popular song each week. Check it out!

Don’t try this at home!

This sibling duo took their love for roller skating and combined it with an awesome dance performance. You can check out their amazing performance on “Britain’s Got Talent”. We’re sure they’ll be going far!