The Swing of Things: The Old With the New

This month in dance has been a whirlwind of new trends and dance styles. But one thing we’ve noticed is that the old and the new have been coming together to create some truly amazing dance styles, performances and more! See for yourself just what can happen when you transform old ideas and make them new again:


The Syncopated Ladies, a spectacular, all-female tap dance group, had us in awe over their recent tap dance tribute to Prince, who died in April. The Syncopated Ladies’ powerful choreography to “When Doves Cry” might just have you tearing up. What a wonderful way to honor such an amazing performer.











These talented ladies got tired of the same-old ballet moves they were doing, so they decided to change it up a bit! Check out this emerging dance style called “hiplet” — it’s a cross between hip-hop and ballet!


The Force is STRONG on this one. Check out these dancing Stormtroopers from Britain’s Got Talent.


We’re so excited to see this summer’s season of “So You Think You Can Dance”, which premiered on May 30, and is only featuring young dancers aged 8-13 this time around. There’s still time to catch up on all the excitement if you haven’t been watching.