The Dog Days Are Here – And Boy, Can They Dance!

Dog Days of Summer Dancing

The Dog Days of August are almost upon us, which can mean unbearable heat and humidity. Of course, the heat doesn’t have to ruin your day. Take a break from the outdoors and spend some time cooling off by watching these talented pups dance the day away!

This Dog in Brazil Can Cut a Rug

This happy dog was found on the streets of Brazil by a boy and his mother. They heard music playing and stopped to dance when they noticed a dog joining them. He’s got moves, rhythm and sass — clearly all he needed was a beat to get him going!

Dancing Dog in Ukraine

This big guy was spotted by a soldier in Ukraine. There was music playing, and the dog was behind a fence, just within earshot. The dog couldn’t help but prance his feet and dance along to the beat. There are several iterations of this video, including many that zoom in and set the dancing to different music. Check them out and see which one is your favorite!

This Faithful Soldier

File this video under “dogs pretending to be soldiers.” This dog and his owner competed in the 2016 FCI Dog Dance Championship with a routine that had the two of them working together as members of the military. They danced through a day in the life of two soldiers in training, starting with an early wake-up and finishing with a simulation of CPR! This dog and her owner are seriously talented. The hard work it must have taken to nail this routine shouldn’t be underestimated!

Ashleigh and Pudsey from Britain’s Got Talent 

This dog-and-owner pair got their shot at winning Britain’s Got Talent! Pudsey and Ashleigh worked for several years to nail these tricks, and their work produced several awesome routines. This video is from their audition for the show during which they performed a cute little number to the BC-52’s version of “The Flintstones” theme song. WATCH

Salsa Dancing Dog and Owner Wow Crowd

This dog and her owner have clearly been practicing for years — their salsa is seamless! The two impress their audience with rhythm, timing and choreography. They even perform a dip, which is a challenging move for humans to complete, not to mention dogs! This performance really shows you the special relationship between a dog and her person, as well as what can be accomplished with daily practice and diligent training. Bravo to the two of them!

The “dog days” of August might not be very comfortable, but these cute little pups are sure to bring a smile! Check out these videos, and find plenty more on your favorite video service. And when you’re ready to start learning your own moves to take back home to your furry friends, visit your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios for lessons!