The Swing of Things: Bringing Dance Back to School

The Swing of Things: Bringing Dance Back to School

Ready to Dance Back to School?

For many, back-to-school season feels vibrant. It is all about fresh starts, personal growth and a renewed interest in coming together to embrace life’s little joys. And, these students are doing just that. They’ve brought the spirit of dance into their lives to share with schoolmates, friends and family.

More than that though, they represent the way in which music and dance create memories at every age. In fact, these dancers will take you back to the days of PJs and pep rallies!

Lower Elementary PBIS Dance Party

It really doesn’t get much sweeter than this gaggle of elementary students who are hopping and bopping to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” Admittedly, the average onlooker might call it crazy chaos, but we think the glee radiating through the scene means that these students have kick-started a life-long love of music and dance. (Also, let’s offer a big round of applause to those fantastic teachers who dressed up in their own pajamas and joined the conga line!)

Swing Dance Fallon Middle School

Sandra Dee has nothing on this middle school pair. Dressed in poodle skirt and suspenders, this couple will have you tapping your feet and humming “You’re the One That I Want” all day long! They may be young, but their swing moves will bring you right back to the joy of school dances and the fun of hanging out with your schoolmates.

Dreyfoos Senior Generation Dance

These seniors are lighting up the school with a series of dance classics! I mean, seriously, who didn’t scream out the lyrics to “I’ve Had the Time Of My Life” during their senior year? And, you are sure to chuckle at the vibrant outfits and leotards that harken back to Flashdance and the early 80s! What a great group of spirited kids. And from the sound of the crowd watching them, we’re not the only ones who think so.

San Diego State Univerity Dance Team

“Sweet Dreams” are exactly what you’ll have as you admire the passion and grace of this college-level dance team. The group of 13 women sparkles and shines its way into the crowd’s heart throughout their performance. Watch for the in-unison à la seconde turns that last for more than ten seconds: They will mesmerize you!

Whether you wear footie pajamas or fancy gowns, bringing dance into your life creates memories. The sounds take you back. The moves give you energy. The people bring you joy. So, if you’re ready to head back to school yourself, visit your local Fred Astaire Dance School and start creating your own moves and memories!