The Swing of Things: Hot Dance Videos for Cooler Nights

cooler nights require hotter dancing

As the days get darker and the temperatures plunge, there are some days you just want to bundle up on your couch with a warm drink (maybe in front of a toasty fire!) and enjoy bite-sized videos and stories revolving around our favorite subject — DANCE! So sit back and relax; those errands will hold for another day. It’s time to catch up on The Swing of Things with Fred Astaire Dance Studio.


One Down — A Whole Lot More to Go

Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg has found his Tony! Ansel Elgort will take on the male lead in Spielberg’s adaption of “West Side Story.” Many critics are worried about what a reboot of the classic musical about rival street gangs in 1950s New York will look like. Spielberg isn’t saying much, but screenwriter Tony Kushner says the new movie will reflect the original stage production more than the Academy Award-winning movie. Spielberg’s next step: finding his Maria!

“Straight Up” Fall Down

From the silver screen to the stage, our next video takes you to a concert mishap in Mississippi. That’s where singer, dancer and choreographer Paula Abdul took a tumble off the stage. No worries! The singer was fine, telling concertgoers that she’s been a dancer for years, so she’s gotten used to falls and drops!

Wedding Dance WOW!

Here at Fred Astaire Dance Studio, we’ve choreographed our fair share of “first dances” for newlyweds, but this one covers almost all of the dance bases! The two grooms have been “blown away” by the response they’ve received on their video, which has more than a million views.

Dancing Doc Brightens Days

It’s scary enough for a child to go into the hospital, but this California doctor is using his love of dance to fight the fear and connect with his patients.

Here at Fred Astaire Dance Studio, we understand the power of dance! It’s a terrific way to get your body moving in a fun and healthy way. It’s a wonderful social activity to help you make new friends and strengthen bonds with your loved one and it’s a fabulous way to make sure your mind stays sharp and memory fit. So start your own journey of empowerment and meet some fun new people while you’re at it. Head to our nearest location and sign up for a free introductory offer to start ballroom dancing, and remember, no partner is necessary!