The Swing of Things: Dancing the Gender Line

A lot has happened this month in the world of dance — breaking down gender barriers, some spontaneous locker room dancing and just a whole lot of fun as people let loose and bust a move! Check out some of the dance moments we’ve been paying attention to:

Male Dancer Tries Out for Miami Heat Dance Team (And Kills It!)

Male dancer, Keith Wilson, blew his competition out of the water with his amazing dance moves at the Miami Heat dancer auditions on August 2. Unfortunately, his attempt to become the first male member of the Miami Heat’s all-female dance team was unsuccessful, as the team said they are not open to accepting a male dancer at this time. But it wasn’t a total loss — the video of Keith’s dance from the freestyle round quickly went viral, giving him and his stellar moves the recognition they deserve.

Brandon Williams Busts a Move in the Baltimore Ravens Locker Room

When your jam comes on, go ahead and dance like nobody’s watching! And that’s exactly what Brandon Williams, starting lineman for the Baltimore Ravens, did in the locker room before training camp practice. The hilarious video went viral when Chris Canty (defensive end) posted it to Instagram in early August.

Chris Pratt and Tom Hiddleston Dance Off

Fans of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers will be excited by this Vine that’s gone viral — it’s a dance-off between two favorite characters! This compilation of clips pits Chris Pratt against Tom Hiddleston in a display of their silliest dance moves. Who do you think the winner is?

Groom and Groomsmen Surprise Bride with Awesome Dance Moves

With wedding season coming to a close, this groom sure knew how to end it with a bang. This video of his surprise dance for his new wife quickly went viral. Check out his spectacular moves!