The Swing of Things: Our Favorite Fred Astaire Dance Studio stories of 2016

The news can often be dark and disheartening, but when you’re a dance studio franchise, the joyful and uplifting stories outweigh the sad ones by a lot! We took a look back at the Fred Astaire Dance Studios news coverage from 2016, and we’re happy to report that the overwhelming sense of joy and fun that we got to see this year is represented from beginning to end. So without further ado, here is a list of 2016’s best Fred Astaire stories.

Dancing to Defeat Dementia

Dementia is a heart-rending affliction, making its effects known over the course of decades. Many doctors recommend staying active both mentally and physically as a way to stave off or prevent the decline that dementia can cause. Fred Astaire Dance Studios is the perfect place for just this kind of activity; many of our franchises have classes and meetups that cater to the 60+ set, and they celebrate the opportunity to keep their minds and bodies sharp and active. We loved this story, because it showed how dance can bring a community together and improve the lives of every individual, no matter their age!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day might have its fans and its detractors, but the holiday is more than just a reason to buy your significant other candy and flowers — it’s a terrific reminder that your relationship matters and needs to be nurtured. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we have tons of experience with getting couples to reconnect, grow closer and have fun together. Dance can transcend the stress you have in your life and renew your commitment to your partner, which we think is a great reason for a dancing date night!

Secrets to healthy marriage

Tom and Mckayla’s story is a beautiful reminder of the meaning dance can take on for couples. These two have been together for more than 40 years, and their lessons and time spent on the dancefloor has added lots of love and joy to their marriage. We know better than most that you can learn so much about your partner by simply spending an hour with them on the dance floor, and it’s inspiring to see how it has strengthened the marriage of these two dancers.

Dancing for the Dogs

Here’s a heartwarming pet story for you! The Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Henrietta, NY, held a performance to raise money for the Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue. The franchise owner, Alicia Gruttadauria, has held the event at her studio for the past six years, She has said that her own rescue pug has made such a difference in her life that she is happy to do what she can to make a difference for other dogs who need medical attention and loving care. This story is one of our favorites, because we love seeing the impact dance can have for those in need, whether they walk on four legs or two!

Senior Fitness Day

Senior Fitness Day is an annual holiday meant to bring awareness of how seniors can remain active and healthy into their golden years. This story on WFSB in Hartford, CT, showcased two senior ladies and their instructors, and boy did they bring the moves! They emphasized how great frequent exercise can make you feel. Our favorite part (besides the dancing, of course!) was when the ladies explained that age was not a barrier to their dancing, and then showed pictures of some of their past performances! We love to tell people not to let age dictate whether and when they start dancing, and we are thrilled to share the stories of people who overcame the negative thinking to become proficient dancers!

Last year gave us a wealth of stories to draw from in our quest to bring dance to everyone. We saw thrilling and beautiful performances from the old and the young alike. The end of 2016 marks another year we were blessed with the opportunity to bring a love of dance to people across the country. We’re never more grateful for the chance to do what we do than when we get to look back at what the past year has given us. So from all of us at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, thank you for another year, and best wishes for 2017!