The Swing of Things: The Wonder of Winter

wonder of winter

As December sets in, we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate the beauty and the wonder of the holidays and the season. So here at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we want to help you take a moment to sit back and take a break from your busy shopping, wrapping, baking, and merry-making and really enjoy all the things that December has to offer.


Appreciate Imperfection This December

Sometimes we get so caught up in making sure it will be “The best Christmas ever!” that we don’t take the time to laugh when things go hilariously wrong. If you need a reminder, just watch this classic video of a children’s Christmas pageant going south fast!

Appreciate Enthusiasm This December

Don’t let the hustle and the bustle of the holidays overwhelm you. It’s easy to get discouraged and exhausted by all the things you need to get done. Take a break to recharge. If you can face a crowded shopping center with even just an ounce of the enthusiasm shown by this student marching band member then you’ll WIN the holidays.

Appreciate the Simple Things This December

In the rush to find the “perfect” present or to decorate the “perfect” Christmas treat, we need to remember the joy of the simple things. Stella sets a great example. This Instagram famous Labrador is a great reminder to us all that it’s the simple things that sometimes bring the most joy.

Appreciate Cats vs. Trees This December

Wasn’t the internet created for sharing cat videos? Here’s a collection of feline fun that serves as a reminder that there’s no need to spend hours decorating your tree… if you’ve got a cat in the house.

Appreciate the Beauty of the Season This December

This final video is the easiest reminder — don’t forget to look around and find the beauty in our world. It may be a fall leaf floating in a puddle… or a perfectly executed Paso Doble. Whatever it is, don’t forget to take the time to stop and enjoy it.

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Happy Holidays, and thanks for being part of our Fred Astaire Dance Studio family!