The Swing of Things: The World’s Got Talent

The Swing of Things

If there’s one thing we know about dance, it’s that it brings people together. While we at Fred Astaire Dance Studios love ballroom the best, there’s no one style of dance that’s better than the rest. We love seeing dancers from around the world showcase their talents, and we get especially excited to see new moves and styles emerge as cultures are joined together in harmony. Take a look at all the dancing we’ve seen around the world lately, and how it excites, inspires and brings hope to dancers everywhere.


They’ve Still Got It!

This elderly couple impressed the judges and contestants alike when they danced energetically to “Down the Road Apiece” by the Refreshments at a dance competition in Germany. Much to the audience’s surprise and excitement, 64-year-old Nellia Ehrentraut and her husband Dietmar showed off their incredible swing dance skills. We hope to see more from these two.


Bangin’ Bhangra

What began as a typical Bhangra dance to Indian music quickly transitioned to an exciting and unique dance combining English hip-hop and pop music with traditional Bhangra dance moves — and all during an NBA half-time show, no less! The dance group, called Bhangra Empire, has been impressing large audiences since their appearance on Season 5 of “America’s Got Talent” and performance at the White House in 2009.


The Healing Power of Dance

Physical therapy sessions for these Akron Children’s Hospital patients just got a lot more fun. Dance Unlimited is a special class for children dealing with various diagnoses like Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism. The class replaces their traditional physical therapy sessions with a fun session of dance practice. The children enjoy learning a range of dance styles from ballet to jazz and even some hip-hop.


“Powwow Sweat” Incorporates Culture and Fitness

Ever wanted to learn some traditional Native American dance moves? Now’s your chance! This exercise routine, called “Powwow Sweat,” was created by members of the Coeur D’Alene tribe in Northern Idaho who wanted to combat obesity among Native Americans. It can give Zumba a run for its money! As the name suggests, the dances featured in “Powwow Sweat” are all ones that are typical at powwows and are danced to the beat of a drum.


Meet the Famous Dancing Flight Attendant

When a Britney song comes on, you just have to get up and dance! At least that’s what AirAsia X flight attendant and Britney Spears fan Assraf Nasir thinks. Nasir became the recent star of a viral video featuring his amazing dance moves to Britney Spears’ hit song, “Toxic,” as he danced down the aisle of the plane he was attending. Now, Nasir explains how the video came to be and how he is handling his sudden fame. Nasir loves to dance and can be caught dancing often, even in the aisles of a supermarket!