The Swing of Things: Wedding Season Wrap.

The Swing of Things Wedding Season Wrap

As wedding season comes to a close and the holidays quickly approach, the celebration of love continues with family gatherings, holiday parties, and of course, engagement announcements. We hope these incredible stories of love and dance keep your feet moving and fill your heart with warmth!

Ballroom Couple Celebrates Diamond Anniversary

Margaret and Dennis Jones often describe their relationship as “meant to be.” The happy couple celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary together this past September with 100 of their closest friends and family. The two met by chance at a dance held by the Victoria Ballroom in Chesterfield, UK back in the 50’s. Who knew one dance could lead to 60 years of wonderful marriage with their forever dance partners?

Father-Daughter Duo Own the Dance floor at Wedding 

This may be one of the most epic father-daughter wedding dances of all time! Mikayla and her father Nate owned the dance floor with killer moves and an awesome song mashup to wow their guests. If this surprise performance doesn’t have you up and moving, I don’t know what will. We think it’s time this duo took their skills to the big stage, or perhaps to their closest Fred Astaire Dance Studio!


Tips for Planning the Perfect Surprise Wedding Dance

Surprise dances are an excellent way to spice up a wedding ceremony and keep guests on their toes! Whether you are the bride or groom, or you’re in the wedding party, take note of some easy tips to make your performance a lively success. Plan ahead to make sure the venue has plenty of space on the dance floor, be appropriate in your content and timing, and have fun!


Newly-Weds Show Off Jive Routine

This newly-wedded Mr. and Mrs. sure know how to move! Matt and Annette Andersen show off their fancy footwork in this lively number to “Little Bitty Pretty One.” There’s no better way to kick start the wedding festivities and get your guests out of their seats than with a upbeat jive from the bride and groom.


Choreograph Your Wedding Dance Alongside “Dancing with the Stars” Pros  


Best known for their captivating performances on “Dancing with the Stars,” professional ballroom dancers Emma Slater and Sasha Farber offer private dance classes with proceeds benefiting the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. The two love helping other engaged couples choreograph their wedding dance for the magical day, but you don’t have to be planning a wedding to enjoy the special class. Learn to move like pros, all while raising money, spreading love and putting smiles on the faces of so many children.


Get excited for holiday engagement season with these stories and fun videos. It’s never too soon to begin planning your first dance or surprise performance for your big day. Consider perfecting your dance moves with the best at Fred Astaire Dance Studios!