Three unique classes from Fred Astaire Dance Studios

If you want to learn ballroom dancing, you already know that Fred Astaire Dance Studios are the place for you. But did you know that many studios offer additional classes for people who have never thought of hitting the ballroom floor? Many of the skills you learn in classic forms of partner dancing translate well to other types of movement, like other forms of dance, optimal mobility training and even dance workouts. So, if you’re not ready to give ballroom dancing a try, maybe these other Fred Astaire Dance Studio offerings will pique your interest!

Fort Lauderdale Adult Ballet

If you’ve ever wondered whether you missed your calling in ballet, adult ballet classes offer a chance to see what could have been, all while staying fit and improving your balance. Students in these classes typically don’t have recitals like young dancers do, but the skills gained in the studio can translate to performing in other ways, or simply going about your daily life. For example, many adults who take ballet classes report that their low back pain goes away and their posture improves dramatically as they train their core and back muscles. As you can see, these new skills and strengths can have a huge impact on their quality of life. Ballet is also a great way to prevent falls by building muscle and bone strength and improving your balance.

Bloomfield Hills Dance Mobility

Fred Astaire Dance Studios believe that everyone should be able to feel the joy of dancing, and that ideal led to the creation of a ballroom dance mobility class in Bloomfield Hills, MI. This class is for adults and children who rely on wheelchairs for mobility, and it is led by certified dance instructors with experience teaching people who use wheelchairs. Participants don’t even have to bring a partner, and they can share a dance in styles ranging from the waltz to the salsa, and everything in between. The lessons are free, being supported by a grant from the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Foundation. The program is led by Cheryl Angelelli, a four-time Paralympic medalist and Guinness World Record holder in swimming.

Long Grove Ballroom Workouts and Choreography Dance Classes

unique classes from Fred Astaire Dance Studios

You can certainly work up a sweat during a typical ballroom dance lesson, but if you’re looking for something that is focused on burning calories, you can’t go wrong with the Ballroom Workout class at the Long Grove location in Illinois. This workout is a 40-minute class with fewer rest periods than a typical ballroom class, to make it an effective, calorie-torching workout. The class blends basic and advanced ballroom moves and principles to make it accessible and challenging for all levels. This makes it a great tool for conditioning, whether you’re preparing for a competition or just looking to stay active!

Dance is a universal way of expressing yourself, and we know Fred Astaire Dance Studio dancers don’t want to limit themselves to one or two styles. For more variety and even more fun, try out some other dance and movement styles! Visit your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio to learn more.