When will Ellen DeGeneres Dance Again?

A recent story in the New York Times reminded us of how much we loved it when Queen of Daytime Talk, Ellen DeGeneres, used to dance with her audience. She was known for dancing. A lot.


But, as the story points out, she stopped doing it two years ago, so in case you can’t remember her dancing days, here’s a refresher.



And it wasn’t just audience members that got her dancing. She’d show off her moves with celebrities like Bradley Cooper.


She danced her way through the Oscars.



And who could forget her dance with first lady Michelle Obama?


Sadly, Ellen doesn’t dance anymore, but we at Fred Astaire Dance Studio hope she changes her mind and gets her groove on again soon.


Dancing is a joyous activity that feeds the mind, body and soul. It helps people manage their weight and maintain cardiovascular health. It helps with balance and bone strength. It alleviates stress, keeps the mind sharp and memory fit. It helps combat loneliness and depression.


More than anything, it’s fun. And few people made dancing as fun as Ellen did. She made us all want to get up and dance.


Giving up dancing wasn’t something Ellen did lightly, as the story in the Times points out. She’s been doing the show for 16 years now, so it’s understandable that she’d like to break free from her current image and become something new.


We understand and respect her feelings, but we also miss watching her delight her audiences by strutting her stuff. We love to watch her dance with the crowd, with kids, pros and celebrities alike.


Hopefully, she figures out how to create her new self while still holding on to some of the Ellen we know and love. Her show isn’t up for renewal again until the middle of 2020, so at least we still have The Ellen DeGeneres show for a while longer.


With any luck, she’ll feel the desire to lace up her dancing shoes once again. Until then, we’ll enjoy watching videos like this one and keep on dancing at Fred Astaire Dance Studio.



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