Winners: Fred Astaire Dance Studio West Coast Dance Championships

The contrast between casual relaxation and vibrant pleasure captures the spirit of Havana, Cuba in many minds. It’s a city of historic, pastel architecture perched on the edge of the ocean with palm trees swaying in the background. Afternoons offer quiet, soothing opportunities to sit by the sea sipping classic rum beverages and donning a fedora while evenings throb with music, laughter and eye-catching attire.


During the first dance competition of 2018, Fred Astaire Dance School transported all those warm, wonderful Havana feelings more than two-thousand miles away to San Diego, California, for the West Coast Dance Championship. This inter-regional competition was held January 18 – 20 with the theme being “Havana Beach Party.” While Havana’s traditional dance – the Mambo – was certainly represented, the event also opened new Country Western and Open Gender categories during its Thursday night session.


While all the dancers kept on-lookers mesmerized, only a few could walk away with top recognition. Help Fred Astaire Dance Studios congratulate:


Professional Showcase

  • First: James Dolores and Lyndsy Aguirre of Denver North


American Closed Bronze/Silver Smooth

  • First: Henry Skopp and Monika Barska of Southport
  • Second: Marcus Tener and Alana Machado of Laguna Hills
  • Third: Justin Carter and Lyndsy Aguirre of Parker


American Open Smooth

  • First: Mychailo Annienkov and Yuliya Sinevych of Bloomfield Hills
  • Second: Alex Aillon and Jessica Aillon of Portland
  • Third: Joel Callahan and Kimberly Callahan of Rancho Bernardo

Mychailo Annienkov and Yuliya Sinevych, Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Bloomfield Hills

Open International Ballroom 5-Dance

  • First: Mikhail Nikolaev and Ksenia Kireeva of Chino


Open International Latin 5-Dance

  • First: Francesco Bertini and Sabrina Bertini of Redondo Beach
  • Second: Tykhon Zhyvkov and Yana Zhyvkov of Redondo Beach
  • Third: Oleksiy Varyvoda and Olya Rude of Tucson

Oleksiy Varyvoda and Olya Rude, Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Tucson

American Closed Bronze/Silver Rhythm

  • First: James Dolores and Amanda Overmyer of Denver North
  • Second: Marcus Tener and Cherish McConnell of Laguna Hills
  • Third: Andre Baltierra and Danae Gill of Rancho Bernardo


American Open Rhythm 5-Dance:

  • First: Ilya Velednitsky and Mariya Ilchenko of Milwaukee Downtown
  • Second: Ryan Lockhart and Danelle Newman of Oceanside
  • Third: Mychailo Annienkov and Yuliya Sinevych of Bloomfield Hills


Professional Showdance

  • First: Oleksiy Varyvoda and Olya Rude of Tucson
  • Second: Francesco Bertini and Sabrina Bertini of Redondo Beach