Dancing as Social Media Art

Ballroom Dancing is Body Positive

When most people think of art, they think of museums full of paintings, galleries lined with statues, or even the runways of Paris teeming with lavish designs. But there is no doubt that art can be found in dance, whether it be on the stages of the American Ballet Theatre, the silver screen of a darkened cinema, or even a Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Dancing is an art form that is celebrated around the world, and one of the fastest growing stages is social media.


Artists and dancers alike are using Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to share their love and appreciation for dancing with the world. People aren’t just sharing videos of their favorite performances (although there is plenty of that too!). They’re sharing new content designed to highlight, educate, inspire, and ultimately to serve as art. Of course one of our favorite sites is Fred Astaire Dance Studios on Facebook. We use that to share inspiring videos and articles about dance. The Fred Astaire Dance Studio YouTube channel is full of videos that can educate you on the styles of dance you can learn at our studios nationwide. All of these different platforms are full of sites showcasing the inspirational art form of dancing. Let’s take a look at a few other popular sites!


Dance As Art


This popular Instagram site features the work of photographer Kevin Richardson and showcases his stunning photography of dancers. The photography is more than just art — it’s a project. Richardson says Dance As Art has three main goals: The first is a celebration of the beauty of dance and a tribute to the talented dancers of New York City. Secondly, Richardson says it’s a reminder of the importance of art, as the dancers are representative of all artists. Lastly, it’s a street show, where each photo session draws crowds of spectators who have a chance to see talented artists literally dancing in the street.


Ballroom Dance Tube


You’ll find this site on the ever-popular YouTube. The Ballroom Dance Tube bills itself as a ballroom dance and dancesport video resource. With close to 5,000 subscribers, you’ll see that it’s made up mostly of videos from international ballroom dance competitions.




A quick search for the hashtag #dancerpose on Instagram will provide you with an interesting mix of… you guessed it… photographs of dancers posing. Some of the work is professional, some of it personal. It can be athletic and inspirational. It’s an international gathering of people showcasing their love of dancing and flexibility!



Dancing is art, whether it’s highly choreographed with rules to follow or just freewheeling fun in the privacy of your own living room. It’s art because no matter what type of dancing you take part in, it’s a form of self-expression. Whether it’s on the ballroom floor in front of a crowd of thousands or in the kitchen with just you and your partner, if you’re dancing, you’re creating art.