How Long Does it Take to Become a Good Dancer?

Every person has a different definition of what being a “good” dancer is, but most people just want to be able to dance socially. They see people dancing on a cruise or at a wedding and they want to be able to join in the fun.


At Fred Astaire Dance Studio, becoming a good dancer is as easy as 1-2-3! As in their proven, three-phase instruction platform that takes people from two left feet to the life of the party.


Beginner: Most people aren’t experienced dancers when they decide to take lessons, so instructors will start them here. As a beginner, students take four to eight private lessons over the course of a month while enjoying free group lessons and practice parties. After that first month, you’ll have a simple understanding of the basic styles of dance, but won’t be too comfortable with your skills yet.


Social Foundation: Following the introductory stage, most people move on to this level where they’ll take 12 -15 lessons over the next two months. They will select four dances to learn thoroughly, then be ready to get out on the dance floor and show off what they’ve learned.


Bronze Level: Finally, the students will be ready for the Bronze level, in which they will take 30-75 lessons over the course of three to six months. Now is the time to work on clean technique. Students are no longer learning the steps and worrying about what comes next. The program is completely tailored to the individual client.


Remember, not everyone learns at the same speed. How long it takes someone to become a good dancer depends on their natural ability and how often they practice. Engaging with Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s program will take anywhere from six months to a year, but the benefits of learning how to be a good dancer will last a lifetime!