It’s true! Ballroom dancing helps kids battle obesity

Whether it’s the rumba, the salsa or anything in between, dance can be a challenging workout that keeps you moving, healthy and fit. Children especially can benefit from learning to dance as childhood obesity rates are on the rise. So let’s take on childhood obesity with dance! Ballroom dance is a great after school activity for kids of all ages, and Sierra Fridinger can prove it!


Sierra’s Story:

The dance instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studio make it look easy, but dancing can actually be quite challenging, and a great workout as well! Sierra Fridinger is a happy, strong and confident 10-year-old, but she wasn’t always this way. Dancing at Fred Astaire Dance Studio has helped her transform her lifestyle. Three years ago, Sierra was struggling with her weight — she had been ever since entering elementary school. Now, Sierra is keeping her weight, and her health, in check by ballroom dancing three times a week at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Greensboro, North Carolina. Because of dance, she has better balance, stamina and posture. And not only that, but she’s grown two inches, lost 5 percent of her body weight and dropped her cholesterol by 20 points! Sierra says ballroom dance helps her take her mind off of everything else when she’s focusing on the steps and that it’s a fun way to stay healthy.


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