Kids Will Dance for National Child Health Day

National Child Health Day

Celebrate National Child Health Day by turning up the music and encouraging your kids to take a spin around the dance floor.


President Calvin Coolidge started the annual celebration of children’s health in 1928, and on the first Monday of October every year, a similar presidential proclamation encourages healthcare agencies and everyday Americans to promote the importance of healthy lifestyles and access to quality medical care for kids. Eating a balanced diet, annual checkups at the doctor and physical activity are the cornerstones to good health. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends kids spend one hour per day exercising. But the increasing popularity of cell phones, video games and on-demand television make it tricky for parents to get their kids moving.


Ballroom dancing is not just for the young at heart, it’s also a fun way for kids to stay healthy and physically fit. Fred Astaire Dance Studios offer a wide variety of dance classes for kids, including ballroom, Latin, hip hop, line dancing and more. Here are the top three reasons to visit your local studio today to sign your kids up for class:


Improve physical health. The swing, cha-cha and waltz are low-impact, high-energy workouts that help increase flexibility and core strength. Dancing improves posture and agility, too.


Better grades. Learning new dances can help kids improve their memory skills, which will benefit them when they are studying for a big test, according to the National Dance Education Organization, a non-profit membership organization dedicated to advancing dance education centered in the arts. Successfully performing new dance moves helps build self-confidence.


Fun. Dancing is an excellent outlet for creative expression and is a great way to release the excess energy that builds up during the school day.


If you’re not convinced dancing is a fun, easy way to help your kids get in shape, check out these videos of kids hitting the dance floor on the popular television show, “America’s Got Talent.”


Check out two children performing a contemporary dance on an episode from 2019.


The dancers in this segment combine intricate dance moves with light effects.


On the British version of “America’s Got Talent,” two performers shine.


Get Fit at Fred Astaire Dance Studios
Help detach your kids from their video game remotes and improve their physical fitness on National Child Health Day by scheduling a lesson at your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios today.