National Ballroom Dance Week Draws Crowds, Showcases Sport

National Ballroom Dance Week

If you hear the strains of Salsa music over the next few days, make sure to look up from your phone, because you are in for a treat. To celebrate National Ballroom Dance Week, flash mobs will be popping up across the country performing the Salsa.


In case you’re not familiar with this engaging trend, a flash mob is a large, public gathering where people perform an unusual or random act — like dancing! They’re typically organized via social media. Flash mobs aren’t new — the first flash mob debuted at a Macy’s Department Store in New York in 2003 — but the element of surprise and entertainment continues to delight people lucky enough to witness one. Ballroom dancing has provided many artists with subject matter for flash mobs worldwide.


Check out this surprise Salsa performance at a train station in Copenhagen.


Folks on their lunch breaks had a reason to smile when they saw these dancers who showcased their Swing skills while crossing a busy New York street.


During NBDW, September 20–29, local Fred Astaire Dance Studios is joining the fun by opening their doors to students interested in learning the time-honored tradition of ballroom dancing, including the famous Salsa. This special week provides Fred Astaire Dance Studios with an opportunity to teach the public about the physical and mental perks of ballroom dancing. Health benefits aside, ballroom dancing offers a creative outlet and social atmosphere for all ages.


USA Dance, a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting ballroom dancing, spearheads the NBDW celebrations nationwide. The flash mob has become an annual tradition for USA Dance chapters to promote the unique and timeless sport. In addition to numerous events and activities at local studios during this week, the flash mob engages and entertains community members, helping to increase enrollment and garner interest in dance.


A group of flash mob dancers performed the Cha-Cha in 2017 at a mall in Beckley, West Virginia.


Take a quick peek at a group of dancers from Pompano Beach, Florida, performing the Swing in 2018.


Celebrate at a local Fred Astaire Dance Studios location

Whether you’re interested in showcasing your skills at your local supermarket as part of a flash mob or honing your steps for the first dance at your wedding, Fred Astaire Dance Studios has teachers who are here to help. Find out how Fred Astaire Dance Studios is celebrating NBDW, or schedule a Salsa lesson, by calling your local studio.