Our five favorite holiday dance scenes

It’s that holly, jolly time of year again, and we’re sure you’re excited for some holiday cheer to brighten up your everyday routine. Well, we at Fred Astaire think there’s no better way to get into the spirit of the season than by watching your favorite holiday movies (besides dancing, that is!). What gets us especially excited is when we see holiday dance scenes in movies. Check out some of our favorites!


“White Christmas”

There’s not just one great dance scene in this 1954 holiday classic. In fact, there are too many to choose from! The musical is about two dance groups teaming up to save a Vermont inn from closing down at Christmas time and — surprise! — it involves a lot of dancing. This scene danced by Vera-Ellen and John Brascia is just one example of the many incredible dance numbers shown in the movie. Check it out!

“A Charlie Brown Christmas”

This adorable Christmas classic has been warming our hearts since its debut in 1965 when Charlie Brown set out to learn the true meaning of Christmas. This movie features the iconic dance scene that has become a big part of American Christmas pop culture.

“Love Actually”

While the quality of the dancing in this scene may be up for debate, many can’t go through the holiday season without watching this scene from one of their favorite romantic comedies, “Love Actually.” There’s no doubt Hugh Grant’s moves make us giggle every time we watch.

“Mean Girls”

“Mean Girls” is certainly not the first movie that comes to mind when thinking about Christmas time. But there is one scene from this now-cult teenage movie that has become a Christmas classic in the minds of many — when the girls danced and sang to “Jingle Bell Rock” at the Winter Talent Show.

“Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town”

No, there’s not much dancing in this one, and if there is, it’s animated, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t make a mention of this Christmas classic that features Fred Astaire himself. That’s right! The narrator of this popular animated film from the 1970s is actually voiced by famous dancer Fred Astaire.