Swing of Things: Achieve Your Potential on the Dance Floor

achieve your potential

Do you want to achieve your potential on the dance floor? Get in the swing of things at Fred Astaire Dance Studios by overcoming obstacles to reach your potential as a dancer this month.


January is Achieve Your Potential Month, and Fred Astaire Dance Studios is celebrating by offering a special discount to new members. New Year’s is a time when people evaluate their goals and make plans for the coming months of the new year. As people set fitness and health benchmarks, many make it a priority to enrich their lives by challenging themselves to try a new endeavor, like ballroom dancing. Dancing can help improve your physical fitness, keep you active and offer a fun exercise alternative.


Tackling a new hobby is not as simple as making a phone call. It takes time, patience and practice. Remember these simple steps to help achieve your ballroom dance goals:


Don’t procrastinate. If you’ve watched people dancing from the sidelines, now is the time to get out on the floor.


Get help from the professionals. Fred Astaire Dance Studios instructors use proprietary teaching techniques developed by Fred Astaire, the American icon who starred in 31 musical films, more than 10 musicals and four television specials.


Mistakes happen. Learning to cha-cha, salsa and waltz isn’t easy. Don’t get discouraged when you’re not ready to compete on “Dancing With the Stars” after one lesson. The repetitive moves take time and practice to master.


Have fun. Dancing is a social hobby that provides the added benefit of getting in shape. Make sure to approach each lesson with a positive attitude and have fun.


Check out these dancers who opted to perform tricky dance moves to showcase their potential on the dance floor.


Professional salsa cabaret world champions Ricardo Vega and Karen Forcano showcase their skills in an intense performance at the World Salsa Summit, an international salsa and Latin dance competition, in Miami.


Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko perform the jive at the WDC World Professional Latin Championship in 2014.


Jordan Frisbee and Torri Smith Zzaoui, the first-place winners of the US Open Swing Dance Championships held in Los Angeles in 2019, perform their signature routine.


If learning to dance is on your bucket list, celebrate your potential this month by signing up for a lesson at your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios today.