I Want to Dance With Somebody

Picture this with me. It’s an average week day. You sit at your office desk and make your way through emails and documents. Music plays in the background. One of your favorite songs comes on. What happens next? Without realizing it, you start to nod your head. Your fingers begin to tap the desk, then your left foot follows suit. Oh goodness, the air guitar finds its way out, and before you know it, every part of your body is moving to the beat.

Okay, maybe there is no air guitar. Or if there is, maybe you’re also caught by co-workers who are staring at you with amusement. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It is part of human nature to get caught up in the music!

Why is it so hard to listen to music without moving? Why do we like to dance?

Well, according to a study conducted by researchers at The Neurosciences Institute, “Synchronization of movement to a musical beat develops spontaneously in humans…” In fact, the tendency to move in rhythm with music, by nodding your head, tapping your feet or even full on dancing, is universal among humans!

That’s right, you’re hard-wired to dance.

Think you have two left feet? You may fare better as you learn to dance than you expect! So, next time you find yourself dancing in your car or at your office desk, tell your ‘audience’ you literally can’t help it. It’s science!

Interesting side note: This sulphur-crested cockatoo named Snowball can’t help but dance either

Which dance do you want to learn to do first? Happy Dancing!