That’s a Wrap! “So You Think You Can Dance” Announces Winner of Season 14

So You Think You Can Dance

Hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” wrapped up its final episode of season 14 on Monday, Sept. 25 with a spectacular show of talent and determination. Show finalists Lex Ishimoto, Koine Iwasaki, Taylor Sieve and Chris “Kiki” Nyemchek danced their hearts out throughout the season, wowing fans and judges alike. After a rigorous competition between this year’s all-star cast, who has proven that they can, in fact, dance?

And the Winner is…

We’ll start out with the results we’ve all been waiting for: America chose Lex Ishimoto to win it all! The other finalists were ranked in the following order: Koine Iwasaki in second, Taylor Sieve at third and Kiki Nyemchek rounding it out at fourth. Lex battled through a serious injury earlier in the season, and there were questions about whether he would manage to stay healthy through the rest of the competition. But he continued to let his motto, #StayLegendary, guide him through to the top spot at the final!

Tough Competition

As an “All-Star” season, the pressure was on for season 14 contestants, who learned they would be judged and taught by none other than past “So You Think You Can Dance” winners during the Academy round. Teaming up with the best dancers from past seasons quickly proved to be a challenge only a few could handle, and all but ten finalists were eliminated from the competition. With the voting rounds underway, finalists not only had to prove themselves to the judges — Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Vanessa Hudgens — but to the American audience as well, who would vote each week for their favorite contestants. With just one week to go, the penultimate episode of season 14 left audiences with the knowledge that three of the four finalists left would be eliminated during the last episode of the season.

Episode Recap

The episode began with interviews with each of the finalists and Mia Michaels, the featured choreographer for this episode. Mia has her own star-studded wall, having won several Emmys through her past work on “So You Think You Can Dance,” and she offered the finalists a chance to talk through what competition has brought to the fore in terms of their prevailing thoughts on their final night. Then came a dose of nostalgia, as the All-Stars were paired with the finalists to revisit the most popular or exciting dances the All-Stars performed in their seasons. Interspersed with these were several looks back at the massive group performances from past weeks, including the top eight’s boundary-bashing “Call Me Mother” group dance. And then, all at once, it was time to reveal the rankings!

“So You Think You Can Dance” capped off its 14th season with style, grace and power, and it’s left us wanting even more! Season 14 topped the past seasons in entertainment and emotional depth, and we can’t wait to see what season 15 brings! We at Fred Astaire Dance Studios know we’ll be glued to the television when it premiers.

Until next time, “So You Think You Can Dance” fans!