3 Smooth Steps: Learn to Dance the Fun Way

Do you have two left feet, or are you the type who can’t help but move to the music? Maybe you fall somewhere in between; interested in getting on the dance floor, but not sure where to begin? At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we know that everyone learns how to dance differently. That’s why our fun (and experienced!) instructors offer all kinds of different lessons.

No matter where you fall on the dancing spectrum, our 3 step approach helps you learn to dance the fun way, assuring that your experience will be a positive and effective one. Here is how it works:

You won’t find an easier or faster way to become a good social dancer than through private dance lessons. At Fred Astaire Dance Studio, you’ll get the personalized attention you need so you can achieve your dancing goals. We realize not everyone learns things the same way or at the same speed, so private lessons give you the greatest opportunity to develop as a dancer in a comfortable environment. In fact, private dance lessons offer as much benefit as three to four hours of other types of dance.

You’ll definitely want to add to your private instructions with some group classes filled with anywhere from 8-15 students. Group dance gives you the chance to meet other students and the opportunity to dance with a variety of new partners. They are also a fantastic way to learn some new dance moves that you can bring with you to your private lessons for your instructor to help you develop.

Yep, we said party! Dance parties are the rewarding fun times where you can practice everything you’ve learned in your private and group dance lessons. You’ll be dancing with various partners, including your fellow students, studio guests, and professional dance instructors. In this environment you can relax and let go of the stress you might otherwise experience dancing in front of others. You’ll build confidence in your dancing, meet new people and make a lot of great new friends!

Which type of lesson sound like it’s your speed?